Rukanriutta 7, Rukatunturi, FINLAND   
T. +358 (8) 8522 007


Rukanriutta 7, Rukatunturi, Finland
t. +358 (8) 8522 007
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ATV Safaris

On our ATV Safaris you get to drive along main roads and little forest roads, and face many obstacles that a driver could come up against in a real off-road situation. There are steep ascends and descends, side risers and water splashes. You might get little big warm also, especially if the line for driving is not right. Programs also for beginners.

2 hour ATV Safari

During this two hour ATV safari you get the feeling how to drive the machine and how to handle it in different kind of landscapes. In the beginning of the safari the guide will give you driving instructions and teach you the handeling  of the ATV. During 2 hours you get the drive along the mainroads and little roads in the forest and we check also some nice views to Ruka. Program is suitable also for beginnines but drivers must have driving lisence.

Level of difficulty: easy
Approximate duration: 2 hours
Price includes equipment, gasolin, soft drink
Price: In our weekly program from Monday till Saturday at 4pm, eur 70/person driving 1 person/ATV, -50% for person sitting behind. For other periods or for groups, please ask for an offer!

Customers liability € 650.

Midnight Sun Safari

The safari begins when the night arrives. We start the engines and head off to the forest to test our driving scills. Outstanding views and white night guarantees that you will not forget this program easily! In the middle of the program we stop the engines and make a stop to the fire to taste some delicious midnight sun special snack. Program is suitable for adults who have driving lisence.

Level of difficulty: Average
Approximate duration: 3 hours, starting time at 10pm
Price includes equipment, gasolin, midnight sun special snack: campfire coffee/tea, smoked salmon/reindeer with local bread
Price: Please ask for an offer!
Customers liability on 650 €

ATV Adventure 3 h

3 hour ATV safari is just little bit more demanding than 2 hour safari and you also get to try your driving skills in forest. Also the route goes along main roads and forest roads and might get little bit sweaty if you take the wrong line and get stuck in the terrain. During this safari we make a stop in our hut to enjoy some campfire coffee or tea and fried sausages. Program is suitable for adults who have driving lisence and want to test their driving skills in the terrain.

Level of difficulty: average
Approximate duration: 3 hours
Price includes equipment, gasoline and snack
Price: Please ask for an offer!

Customer´s liability 650 €

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