Rukanriutta 11, Rukatunturi, FINLAND   
T. +358 (8) 8522 007

Rukanriutta 11, Rukatunturi, Finland
t. +358 (8) 8522 007
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Ice Karting

Ice Karting is a totally new driving experience! Driven on an outdoor ice track with studded tyres, it's an activity where technical skill beats speed. Still, the icy track might give you a spin!

The Ice Karting Race has equal elements to a real formula race, but it takes place on an ice rink. The race starts with warm-up laps, then qualification which determines the places in the starting grid at the finals. First one to cross the finish line is the winner!

Ice Karts are in principle the same as used in indoor karting, but the engine is more powerful and the tires studded. The frozen course is located in Ruka close to our safari house. Everyone taller than 150 cm is allowed to drive despite of age. Helmet is necessary and included in the package. We can have 8-10 karts at the same time on track.

350 m long track is an ice rink and placed outdoors, located 500 meters from our safari office

Ice Karting Race

Duration: 1 hour, drive 25min/10 persons
Price: 50€/person
Incl. equipment, race


PRO Ice Karting Race

Duration: 1,5 hours, drive 35mins/10persons
Price: 80€/person
Incl. equipment, race, snacks, and medals for top 3 drivers!

Ice Karting Safari 20km

20 km snowmobile safari that ends to an ice karting race!
Duration: 2 hours
Price: 110€/person, 2 persons/snowmobile
138€/person 1 person/snowmobile
Incl. equipment, snowmobile drive about 20 km, Ice Karting Race, hot coffee/tea/juice, sausage and sweet pastry

Ice Karting Safari 40km

40km snowmobile safari that ends to an ice karting race!
Duration: 3 hours
Price: 135€/person 2 persons/snowmobile
170€/person 1 person/snowmobile
Incl. equipment, snowmobile drive about 40 km, Ice Karting Race, coffee, sausage and sweet pastry


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