Themed Evening Programs

Different theams in local restaurants


Restaurant Klubi
We are invited for dinner at a restaurant by the Russian border; we have found the invitation cards in our rooms the previous day. This very cozy and a bit secret lodge is located only a few kilometers from the border between Russia and Finland, on the Finnish side. Or is it? The road gets smaller and smaller, can there really be a restaurant here? The coach stops… A Russian border guard steps inside. We have apparently crossed the border to Russia and are now asked to present visas and passports… After a bit of inspection the stern guard lets us pass and grants us 2 hrs time to stay in
Russia. To be sure that we will not go astray, he follows us to the restaurant. In case we do not cross the border again within the given time, we are held back in Russia…

Tonight a fantastic Russian Feast has been set for you, the tables are sagging under the loads of Russian inspred, home made delicacies. The music and the atmosphere are also in the style of the menu - this one is truly ”From Russia with Love”. Here at the border zone there are many stories about border-crossers and you will for sure hear a few of them tonight.
Groupsize:  10 – 80 persons


Restaurant Juomuskota
We step out to the dark night; our host gives us each a torch lit with fire. We walk a short distance through a forest to the restaurant. The silent forest surrounds us and we see the lit torches in a line in the darkness. We step inside the cosy restaurant in the middle of the forest to enjoy a delicious dinner.

Just as desert has been served, we see some lights pass by the windows outside… There is a knock on the door… The silence is broken by a shaman.  He rushes in, he has come to see who is on his land! The Shaman has a drum and speaks in old Kuusamo dialect. He falls into trance and finally he disappears as fast as he appeared. What happened? Our host is telling us the story of the mightiest Shaman of the north, he used to live right here and his grave was found by some local fishermen some time ago.

Groupsize: 10 – 65 persons


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