Safaris to Russia

Exciting snowmobile and fishing trips to Russia. Experiences, culture and history, all in same safari.

Behind the border, there are old Finnish villages, high mountains, excellent fishing rivers and of course local food and people.

Fishing Program in Kalevala, Russia

Fishing Program in Kalevala, Russia

Kalevala is a small carelian village by the lake Kuittijärvi. Hotel is located by the lake and the lake is big. Also "Kumsha" of Kuittijärvi lives at the lake. Kumsha means trout in english and local knows where you can find it.

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Snowmobile Safari to Kalevala

Snowmobile Safari to Kalevala

Russia sounds interesting and may be a little frightening. Simultaneously, there are vast areas of wilderness and great sceneries in Russia and - lots of snow! From the Russian border there is almost 150 kilometers of almost untouched wilderness before we arrive to Kalevala.

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