Fishing Program in Kalevala, Russia

Kalevala is a small carelian village by the lake Kuittijärvi. Hotel is located by the lake and the lake is big. Also "Kumsha" of Kuittijärvi lives at the lake. Kumsha means trout in english and local knows where you can find it.

Day 1
Bus perhotransfer from Kuusamo to Kalevala. On the way we stop at Pääjärvi village, where we have lunch at the restaurant. In Kalevala accommodation in hotel Sampo where we also have sauna and dinner. We also make some fishing plans for the next day at the bar by the lake.

Day 2
Breakfast at the hotel. We start with trolling at the lake Kuittijärvi and for lunch we stop by the fire in the village of Jyvälahti. After few trouts we head back to the hotel. If the weather is good, we try some water jets at the shore of the hotel. Sauna at the hotel and dinner in the bar by the lake.

Day 3
Breakfast at the hotel. We visit the shops and market at Kalevala before trip back to Finland will start. Stop will be made at Kis-kis hill war memorials and lunch will be enjoyed in Pääjärvi. Back to Kuusamo we will be in early evening.

Group size: 4-8 persons
Accommodation: in the hotel in rooms for two
Price: € 960/person + visa expenses

Big lake, unbelievable sceneries, a good fishing boat, a cottage in the island and really a lot of fish in the lake; then you really have to pinch yourself to check that you are really awake and this is not a best dream of fisherman. And this is not a dream!

Day 1.
Bustransfer from Kuusamo to village Pääjärvi, where we stop for a lunch and stop by at the shop. We continue to Laitasalmi, from where boat transfer to Laitasaari-island. We accomodate in a log cottage and get right into the business: Trolling in the lake around Laitasaari. Sauna and late dinner in the cottage.

Day 2.
Breakfast at the cottage. We start Trolling by the rivermouth of Tavajoki-river. For lunch we get back to the cottage. Trolling continues in the evening at the lake and we will stop also in the carelian village Niska. Sauna and dinner at the cottage.

Day 3.
Breakfast at the cottage. Home journey begins, but we haven´t seen everything yet! We make the stop in the Paanajärvi National Park naturecenter in lake Pääjärvi and you also have change to make some shopping. Also lunch will be enjoyed. In Kuusamo or Ruka we arrive in the early evening.

Group: 4-8 persons
Accommodation: Log cottage, separate sauna
Price: Contact us for the offer 


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