Snowmobile Safari to a Husky Farm

Here is an excellent opportunity to have a go at two different and equally exotic means of transport! First you'll drive a snowmobile through the snowy landscape. After stopping the snowmobiles you can already hear the eager barking of the huskies as they are ready to take you for a 5 km spin! First you will be given the instruction on how to drive a husky sledge and then you get to do it yourself!  Each husky sledge can fit 2-3 persons, drivers can be changed midway the sledge ride. After the ride and petting the dogs, snacks (sausages, hot drinks and sweet pastry) are enjoyed. With full stomachs we head back to the starting point by snowmobiles.

Duration: 3 hours
Driving distance: 
28 km
: 190€/person, 2 persons/snowmobile,
215€/person, 1 person/snowmobile
110€/child 4-11 years
Incl. guiding, equipment, fuel, insurance and snacks



Rukanriutta 11, Rukatunturi, Finland 
+358 (0) 8 8522 007

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