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NEW! Seven Star

Smoke Sauna

Before you have experienced it, you cannot understand the blissful feeling which takes over the body after a bath in a smoke sauna. The gentle warmth and scent of our Seven Star Smoke Sauna leave you with an ever-lasting memory. Our sauna master takes care of heating the sauna, and he also knows how to make the traditional, fragrant birch whisks. The sauna is heated with dry birch logs. Heating a smoke sauna is not a job for a busy man. Bathing in a smoke sauna is a unique experience, with peat moss treatment and a dip in the lake water, in summer from the pier, in winter through a hole in the ice. All this leaves a wonderful, relaxed feeling to the entire body.

  • Duration 2 hours + transfer.
  • Min. group size 8 pax.
  • 90 €/person, 40 €/children 4-10 y
    Note, transfer is not included into the price
  • Transfers:
    group max 8pax: 120eur/ one way
    group max 12pax: 150 eur/one way

In addition, for an extra fee, you can order dinner in a cozy private restaurant on the site.

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