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Commitment to sustainability
Ruka Adventure provides its visitors a nature experience where sustainability is built into
the entire operation and is an integral part of daily work. The commitment involves
preventing and reducing the environmental impacts of the business and actively working to
promote sustainable development through continuous improvements.
We make sure that our working environment is safe and risk and crisis management are
considered in our operations. Our staff is crucial to us thus we respect the rights of
employees also within our subcontracting chain. Continuous training for our staff is a
priority and we communicate to both employees and visitors the acts we do for the
environment and corporate sustainability.
We are committed to treat all individuals equally and respect their rights, combating
corruption and preventing commercial, sexual or any other exploitation of children,
teenagers, women, minorities or other vulnerable groups, as well as all forms of


Respect the nature!
Respecting nature, getting around, camping, lighting fires and litter-free hiking – once you
have mastered these, you are ready to head outdoors. Take note of the summarized tips for
excursion etiquette and always check the detailed rules of your excursion destination on
the destination page as well.
1. Respect nature – leave no trace in it. Keep your pets on a leash.
2. Use marked trails and follow the rules for different modes of travel. Check the areas and
times in which access is possibly restricted at your destination.
3. Camp only where it is allowed. Do not wash the dishes or yourself directly in a water
body. Follow the rules of wilderness huts.
4. Light your campfire only where it is allowed and use a camping stove where possible. Do
not light a fire when a forest or grass fire warning is in effect.
Nature conservation aims to preserve biodiversity, preserve the natural beauty and
landscape values, support the sustainable use of natural resources and the natural
environment, increase knowledge of nature and general nature hobbies, and promote
natural history


Everymans Right

Our beautiful nature is open to everyone to explore and enjoy! We calll this freedom “Jokaisenoikeudet,” or “Everyman’s Rights.” However, the right to enjoy nature comes with certainty responsibility! Check out  what is allowed and whats not here: