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Winter Weekly Program

Ice Karting race

Mon - Sat 3pm

There will be a warm up lap, qualification and final. 
Duration 1 hour


Scenery Snowmobile Safari

Tue and Sat 11am | Fri 3pm

The scenery safari is one of our most popular safaris and great for families and beginners.
Duration about. 3 hours


Arctic Circle Adventure with Huskies

Thu 8:45am

Excitement of a 10 km husky ride, tasty lunch, calming walk with torches and crossing the arctic circle line will guarantee an unforgettable adventure. All guests will get diploma of crossing Arctic Circle while enjoying hot glögi in the ice bar.


Snowmobile Safari - Search of Northern Lights

Wed 8pm

The route goes in a nice scenery. If you have a real good luck you might even see the Northern Lights.
Duration about 2 hours.

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Snowmobile Safari to Huskies and Reindeer

Thu 10am

During this snowmobile you can experience the speed of snowmobiling, huskies and reindeers.
Duration 3 hours

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Visit to Reinder Farm

Thu 2pm

Transfer by car to reindeerfarm, where welcoming by reindeerherder and reindeers. You will get to try a reindeer driving pulled by a sledge on a 300 meter round.
Duration about 2 hours with transportation.

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Snowmobile Safari to Russian Border

Fri 10am

This full day safari takes you through the vast areas all the way to the Russian border. Suits best for drivers with some experience in snowmobiling.
Duration about 6 hours

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Snowshoe Trip to Oulanka National Park

Sat 10am

Snowshoe trip suitable for also families. Oulanka National Park is known for its impressive landscapes and waterfalls.
Duration 2 hours, show shoe walking about 2 km

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