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Day as

a Finn

As you arrive, we invite you to our lakeside hut for a warm welcome drink. We gather around a cosy camp fire to hear stories of the Sami, people who lived here for hundreds of years before the Finns. We then move on to our main building where we bake together: local flat bread and sweet buns. The old oven in the more than 100 years old Pohjola family home will bake them to perfection. While you are busy with your chores, you will learn a lot of local history, traditions, people. The Pohjola family gladly shares their stories with you.
  • Lunch of the day is served with your own flat bread and the coffee comes with your own sweet buns
  • Duration: 3,5 – 4h
  • Min. group size: 8 pax 90€/adult, 55€/ children 4-11 y
  • Incl: transfers, baking, lunch.

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