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Hiking Trip

in Hossa National Park, NEW!

The Hossa national park is located about 100 km south of Ruka and park is famous not only due to its nature and landscapes, but also thanks to the signs left by the first inhabitants of the area. In the park, you will see the Värikallio rock paintings at Somerjärvi date back to the New Stone Age and they are at least 4,000 years old. After getting transferred to the national park, together with the guide you will hike along 8km long Värikallion trail, which includes the most significant sightseeing places of the national park. The guide will share stories about the park, history, and nature as well as will serve you a snack by an open fire during the hike.

  • 140€/person. Min age 12 y
  • Duration 6-7h with transfers
  • The minimum group is 4 persons
  • Incl. transfers, guiding services, snack
  • Physical dificulty level – moderate 

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